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The following is a selection of Resource videos available for free, just click on the image and enjoy either video, audio or in PDF format.

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Once you have completed the series move to the Stories videos and complete the series with our compliments.  We encourage you you then participate and sign up for the email series we have created, 5 Steps to Increase Farm Profits and 10 Ways to Restore your Land.  We look forward to your participation and feedback on this exciting new medium for Managing Holistically.

Farmers are not Morons

Holisticgoal will not give you a Halo and Wings

Money can't Buy the Things that are Important

Nature Functions in Wholes

No Right or Wrongs

Not as good as you thought things were

Ten Principals

Testing Guidelines

True profit

You've got what you've got

Look Down not Across

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10 Ways to restore your land

Harness the power of 4 eco-system processes. Look down, not across your paddocks. Manage your property as a 'whole'.

  • Learn how to

  • Simplify your operations
  • Decrease reliance on inputs
  • Restore your land
  • Start achieving

  • Increased farm profitability
  • Increased family harmony
  • A positive ecological footprint