What we stand for

Regardless of their location or standard of education, we stand for independent, prosperous farmers who confidently consider the financial, ecological and social effects of their management decisions.

The change that is required.

Managing holistically respects and honours the fact that the biological health of our planet is inextricably linked to the goals, decisions, and management actions of the people who manage land. Every parcel of land (whether managed by individuals, corporations, or governments) contributes to the end result: biological health that is supporting healthy and prosperous people.

We stand for a planet where individually and cumulatively, people are prosperous, safe, and healthy. We believe that success comes about by purposefully managing the biological complexity of whole situations in a structured way, a way that fully takes into account the uniqueness of every situation and location.

This site does not seek to convince you of the need to manage holistically. It is a resource for those who have chosen to manage this way because of their belief that they can do better.

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10 Ways to restore your land

Harness the power of 4 eco-system processes. Look down, not across your paddocks. Manage your property as a 'whole'.

  • Learn how to

  • Simplify your operations
  • Decrease reliance on inputs
  • Restore your land
  • Start achieving

  • Increased farm profitability
  • Increased family harmony
  • A positive ecological footprint