No fire lit by man is ‘natural!’  It is the deliberate use of the tool, with the specific objective of creating a desired result or outcome.  Fire is used in every industry, not just agriculture.

In an agricultural setting fire is the tool used when burning range lands, forests, crop residues, factory wastes, etc.

Fire is the engine room of both industry and the arts.  It produces much of our electricity.  Fire is used in factories and boutique jewelry shops alike to heat, bend, weld, transform, alloy and generally manipulate all manner of metals, plastics and other materials.  It is an enormously powerful tool for change.

People sometimes think that fire is not a permitted tool when managing holistically, but of course, it is, as no tool or action is exempt.  Like all tools, fire simply needs to be tested towards your holisticgoal immediately before you use it.  That’s when you will decide whether it passes or fails for you!

Remember, decisions are not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’: they are the best you can do at the time you make them, and you assume you could be wrong, and monitor for early evidence of an adverse outcome.

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