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What you will find in the ‘Green’ section of this site

The “Green” section specifically focuses on the biological aspects of integrating land and livestock management.

If you have previously attended a course presented by Holistic Results, you will recognise that much of the material is a worthwhile ‘refresher’.  If you are new to the process, we recommend that you work through this section sequentially, in order of the links below.

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  1. Biodiversity supports everything

    1. Defining biodiversity

    2. Losing Biodiversity

    3. Brittleness

      1. The implications of Brittleness

    4. The Carbon Supports Everything

  2. Understanding the four ecosystem processes

    1. Overview of the four ecosystem processes

    2. Water cycle

      1. Indicators of effective Water Cycle

    3. Mineral cycle

      1. Indicators of effective Mineral Cycle

    4. Solar energy flow

      1. Indicators of effective Energy Flow

    5. Community dynamics

      1. Indicators of effective Community Dynamics

  3. The Four Key Insights that enable people to Manage Holistically

    1. Brittleness

    2. Role of Time

    3. Role of Predators in Managing Time

    4. Holism
  4. Manipulating the four ecosystem processes

    1. The six tools in detail

      1. Technology

      2. Fire

      3. Rest

      4. Grazing

      5. Animal impact

      6. Living organisms

  5. The rule (or law) of succession

    1. The rule of succession

  6. Using the managing holistically process in ‘Diagnosis’ mode

    1. Diagnosis Mode

  7. Preparing a holistic grazing plan

    1. Preparing a holistic grazing plan

    2. Creating an Open Plan

    3. Calculating the grazing periods

    4. Plotting the Open Plan moves

    5. Open Plan Video Tutorial
  8. Implementing a holistic grazing plan

    1. Recording Actual versus Plan

    2. Interpreting what went on

    3. Making further decisions

    4. Adjusting speed of moves

      1. When to move to “Fast moves”

      2. When to move to “Slow moves”

  9. Cropping and managing holistically

    1. The principles

      1. Cropping is simply a bunch of decisions

    2. The practice

  10. Holistic land planning

    1. Tying land planning to holistic financial planning

    2. The principles of holistic land planning

  11. Monitoring your land

    1. Why monitor

      1. Early warning indicators to look for

    2. Daily monitoring procedures

      1. Tying grazing performance to the land

      2. Pasture cages

    3. Photographic monitoring

      1. Three simple steps

    4. Detailed monitoring

      1. Steps to follow

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