Carbon supports everything

The carbon cycle is the cycle of life—in five stages.  Each stage follows the other and each depends on the other.  If any stage falters, biodiversity is adversely effected.  The stages are:

Every individual organism alive now or in the past—cell, plant, animal, and of course, ourselves, is or was part of the carbon cycle.  I often relate the story of Rob Noyes-Smith, who was utterly shocked when he discovered in a class one day that he too was part of the carbon cycle.  He quipped, “I thought the carbon cycle was a lightweight mountain bicycle.  I never thought it was me!”

The importance of decay
In many locations managing holistically involves not only people, but their management of grasslands and rangelands.  One of the four key insights underpinning managing holistically is brittleness and how this influences the decay process.

Briefly, the decay process in seasonal or brittle-tending grasslands occurs in a different manner to the decay process that occurs in humid or non-brittle-tending environments, and this difference completely underpins the grazing planning and management process used when managing holistically.

For a more detailed discussion on this subject, see the Mineral Cycle.

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