The Production chain to New Wealth

Every economic whole in the world, whether it be a business, a family, an individual or a community organisation of some description, progresses by developing its “Production Chain”.  This chain comprises three ‘links’ - the Resource Link, the Product Conversion Link and the Marketing Link.

Every whole has some resources
Whether the most poverty stricken individual or the largest corporation in the world—every whole has some, if limited, resources.  When human creativity one or more of the other tools Play with a full deck is combined with the available resources a potentially marketable ‘product’ is developed.  In turn this product (which might be as simple as a hat woven from recycled plastic bags gathered from the street, or it might be a nuclear power station) will be marketed and exchanged, usually for money or barter.
Only one link can be weakest at any time
At any time one link in any piece of chain is the ‘Weakest Link’.  Indeed, only one link can be that link!  If the weak link is strengthened then the entire chain is strengthened, but even so another link immediately assumes the mantle of weakest link.  That link is stronger than the previous weakest link but it still limits the strength of the whole chain.
This principle applies to all economic wholes.  Strengthening the weakest link in the whole (business) grows the strength of the whole business.  This is done by considering and addressing the weak link EVERY time an expenditure is made.  This is a vital strategy in changing the fortunes of every business and any whole.

Agriculture, and the solar production chain
Farmers operate within a special type of Production Chain whose primary resource is sunlight.  How much sunlight is captured and utilised depends on the effectiveness of the four ecosystem process at the point of sunlight impact.

We call a grass or crop farmer’s production chain the ‘solar production chain to new wealth’.  No other industry but agriculture can directly access this resource.  Farmers are known as “Resource Capturers”, and they are the top of the energy tree!  Every non-solar economic whole is downstream of a farmer.

Resource enhancers
The products created by resource capturers (farmers) become part of the resource base of the downstream wholes, collectively known as ‘Resource Enhancers’.
Resource enhancers change the form, functionality and value of farm products, but they add no more energy into the total food and fibre system.    Ours is an ‘energetic world’ driven by constant inputs of sunlight.  For practical purposes therefore, we can say that the amount of sunlight that farmers collectively harvest governs the total food supply of all organisms in the world.

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