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What you will find in the “Brown” section of this site

The “Brown” section specifically focuses on the two key aspects of managing holistically: Holistic Decision-making and Holistic Financial Planning.

If you have previously attended a course presented by Holistic Results, you will recognise that much of the material is a worthwhile ‘refresher’.  If you are new to the process, we recommend that you work through this section sequentially, in order of the links below.

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  1. Focus on your decisions

    1. Why decision-making is crucial for everyone

    2. The importance of thinking and managing in ‘wholes’

    3. The power of ‘human creativity’

    4. What’s blocking progress (paradigms)

    5. The business of agriculture

  2. Ten Principles of Managing Holistically

    1. Principles Introduction

    2. Nature functions in wholes

    3. Understand the environment

    4. Livestock can improve the Health of Land

    5. Time is more important than numbers

    6. Define what you are managing

    7. State what you want

    8. Bare ground is public enemy ‘Number 1’

    9. Play with a full deck

    10. Test you decisions

    11. Monitor your results

  3. The process of managing holistically

    1. Defining your ‘economic whole’ under management

      1. Defining the People in your Economic Whole

      2. The Resource Base of an Economic Whole

      3. Sources of Money

    2. Setting a holisticgoal

      1. Quality of life

      2. Forms of Production

      3. Future resource base

    3. The feedback loop

  4. The seven testing guidelines

    1. Testing your decisions

    2. Sustainability

    3. Cause and Effect

    4. Weak Link

      1. Weak Link Social

      2. Weak Link Biological

      3. Weak Link Financial

    5. Energy Money Source and Use

      1. Energy Money Source and Use - Part 1

      2. Energy Money Source and Use - Part 2

    6. Gross profit analysis

    7. Society and culture

    8. Marginal reaction

  5. Holistic financial planning – some key concepts

    1. An overview of holistic financial planning

    2. The three types of money

    3. True profit

    4. The production chain to new wealth

    5. Indicators as to which link is weakest

      1. Ways to address the Weakest Link

        1. KLR and Sell/buy strategies

    6. Gross profit in detail

    7. Marginal reaction in detail

    8. Debt, risk, overheads and scale

    9. Four expense categories

      1. Profit comes first

      2. Wealth generation comes next

      3. Inescapable expenses

      4. Maintaining the current level of activity

    10. The difference between a ‘budget’ and a ‘holistic financial plan’

  6. Using the “PWIM” approach to ‘Holistic Financial Planning’

    1. Using 'PWIM'

    2. PWIM in Action

    3. Greenslopes data

  7. Comprehensive holistic financial planning

    1. Purpose

    2. Overview

      1. The process explained graphically

    3. Practical example

      1. The Livestock Production Plans

      2. Livestock enterprise worksheets

      3. Other enterprise worksheets

      4. Labour and time worksheets

      5. Income and Expense plan

        1. Dealing with debt

        2. Cash flow management

      6. The Control sheet

  8. Integrating land planning and holistic financial planning

    1. Should I build/buy or otherwise invest

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